Hello all!

What have I been up to?

Last month I graduated college with a degree in Game Design. It was a tough 4 years but it solidified my passion for making games and taught me how to actually make good games. Why is that important? Well, on one hand, it means I’m no longer constrained by project guidelines and assignments and I can make the games I really want to make. However on the other hand, it means I need to start a career and make a living.

I want a career where I make cool games with cool people. That’s why I started Team Aurora Games. I aim to continue working with the awesome people at Team Aurora Games to make fun, innovative games. So where does that leave Sintel The Game? Well that’s tough. If if were up to me, I would spend all my time making video games. However, the bottom line is – I need to make money in order to live. I currently work two jobs just to support myself. As you can imagine, working two jobs doesn’t leave much time or energy for making games – especially games that generate no income. I will continue to work on the game as much as I can but I’m finding less and less time to do so. So what’s the plan?

In order to finish Sintel The Game, two things need to happen.

  • We need the help of the community.
  • We need a new direction.
  • Your Help

    Like I said earlier, I can’t contribute much time to Sintel The Game because I work two jobs to support myself. I also can’t spend all of my free time on a project that never seems to end.

    Donations allow me to work Sintel The Game. I will continue to work on the game with or without donations. The more donations we receive, the more work we can do.

    If you want to see the project move forward, please donate.

    A New Direction

    Sintel The Game has been a victim of poor planning from the start. We never had a development plan and members frequently came and went. It was hard to keep track of exactly what everyone was working on. It became extremely difficult to coordinate the project and make significant progress. While we have made lots of progress over the past few years, it’s not enough. If we ever want to release Sintel The Game we need to shift gears. The plan was to have a 2-3 hour single player story where players would fight creatures, solve puzzles and meet fun characters. This quickly became too much to handle. A 2-3 hour story is A LOT of work.

    Our new direction is to create a foundation for fans of Sintel to expand upon the world and create their own experiences in the Sintel universe. Instead of creating our own story, We believe it’s best to provide the foundation and let the users create their own stories. After all, that’s the true spirit of Open Source. Speaking about Open Source, we also believe it’s time to Open Source the entire project. That means moving the entire repository to GitHub, creating a space for people to collaborate.

    The first few steps are to move the project over to Github. That way people can track progress and stay up to date with the most recent build of the game. It will also allow anyone to clone the most recent build and make their own contributions. This will take a while to setup due to the limited amount of time I have but it is the next step.

    I’ll talk more about this new direction in another blog post sometime soon. For now, you can donate, download the game, give feedback, submit new ideas, spread the word, and contribute!

    11 Responses to “Help Fund the Future of Sintel The Game”
    1. Paradoxe says:


      Have you look if other peoples in Blender community want help?

      I would be great if Martins Upitis can join the project.
      You can see some of their work in their youtub channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/martinsupitis/videos

    2. Robert Teague says:


      I find Sintel’s world fascinating, and have done a lot of research into it and its history. Additional materials include maps and diagrams (some of which is on DeviantART), and from this have written three fan fiction stories published on http://www.fanfiction.net

      If you think any of this would be of use, please contact me. Sintel and her world are wide open, and there is a lot to explore.

      If not, I look forward to the completed game.

    3. Rei says:

      If your looking for donations or backing, why not try crowdfunding? Maybe with the more popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Or the flexible Indiegogo? I recommend Kickstarter but whatever you choose (If you choose to do so) make sure to market the game first on gaming sites such as ModDB or IndieDB to gain backer support. Whatever you choose to do, good luck anyway.

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    6. trucos says:

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      Te incluyo een preferidos!

    7. jeremi360 says:

      I think you should go with project to Kickstarter to get big donations and support.

    8.  Excepcional! No he podido apreciar un Web blog
      tan buena como este en la totalidad de la grupo! El Total De la indiicacion consiste en algo mmuy eficaz.

    9. Sebastian says:

      I second the crowd funding, but I do wish that the story already written would be included. Could you at least show us the script? Maybe someone will make the original story, would be pretty awesome!

      A small question, to download and play the demo, do I need blender or something?


    10. Timothy says:

      I agree with the crowdfunding/kickstarter especially since you already have demo and several screenshots that you can use.
      I think that a good story could be a sequel to the original movie, which would make it a bit easier to have a backstory and also make a lot of fans interested.
      If you need any help, feel free to contact me. I have very low skills in actually building games and models, but I can help with anything else that you may need.

      @Sebastian My memory is pretty bad but I don’t think the demo needed blender. Its an exe file so it should run on its own.

      Good luck to you all!

    11. Robert Teague says:

      The problem with the game taking place after the end of the original movie is that Sintel is 30 years old at that point.

      It might be better for the game to take place during her search for Scales, wandering all over her world, meeting new people, different races (it was stated they do exist, but none lived in Ishtar) and experiencing different cultures.

      According to David Revoy, there was a scene made but deleted where she fought a giant mantis. The idea was to show her getting stronger and more experienced during her journey.

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