This is a small update to fix a couple issues in the first Alpha.

Download – Alpha 0.1.1

Fixes include:

  • Fixed XML reference issue in the menu on Linux
  • Added music to the docks level
  • Fixed code error with the HUD
  • Added sintel_the_game.blend

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    1. The Twins says:

      I can’t really say finally.

      Could you release sound and music separately?

    2. The Twins says:

      Does Sintel (The Game) have multi-player. If you’re having trouble with characters you could have the enemies available for play as well. You could try to make the game compatible with future modes so that you can make add-on versions of play (kart racing, flying, duel mode, you get the idea). I can see this causing unnecessary trouble for you but I think you could do it with the same system as used for level select.
      Thanks for setting the E-mail field to (will-not-be-published)_.
      Sorry that I ask such things of you.

    3. The Twins says:

      On Blender Artists you said you wanted to have pick-ups for replay value. What about dragon hearts which are all over the levels.

      Challenges (collect all the hearts in Garway).

    4. anonymous says:


      Is it really that big or is there something else included?

    5. Jon Buresh says:

      The Twins: Multiplayer would be a HUGE undertaking. It would require lots and lots of work. So no, multiplayer is not on the list of planned features.

      Anonymous: That includes the game, and the Sintel film. I’m working on lowering file size for the next release.

    6. The Twins says:


      Dragon hearts?

    7. anonymous says:

      @Jon Buresh:

      Well, why not make 2 seperate downloads? One for the film and the other for the game (I think i’m not the only one who has already the film downloaded months ago)

      770MB takes really long to download for me

    8. The Twins says:

      I agree with anonymous.

      One version with film, one without.

    9. Jon Buresh says:

      I’m not sure about dragon hearts. It seems like a violent things to go around collecting. There are already a few collectable things planned.

      I’ll upload a version without the film soon.

    10. The Twins says:

      In china containers (no stabbing).

      About the music files?

    11. The Twins says:

      Dragon hearts are magical.

      Is there an unlock system?

      And I know that most of my comments ask impossible things.

    12. Tchno says:

      hey guys
      this game is so good I’m publish it on in German my chanel call Mine4Pic see you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    13. Tchno5 says:

      hey guys
      this game is so good I’m publish it on in German my chanel call Mine4Pic see you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    14. The Twins says:

      First time I posted comments it doubled too:

      Or did you just want to change your name?

      And it is an excellent idea.

    15. Meemine says:

      Is there any technical forum ?

    16. The Twins says:

      As far as I can see… No. But keep on asking and there may be one.

    17. Sarah Chong says:

      I played alittle bit of your game. It’s very impressive; however, the gameplay still feels alittle clunky. Also, it might be my computer, but what processor would u recommend running the game?

    18. The Twins says:


    19. David J says:

      @ TCHno5
      Thanks for sharing.

      @ Sarah Chong
      You should not need an extra fast cpu to play the game. we donโ€™t have exact minimum / recommended specs info yet, but iโ€™d say intel would probably be your best bet; any duo core with a decent clock speed ( say 2 Ghz or above) should run the game fine. i have had the game running on a pretty old laptop with out much issue. If you are getting low frame rates Iโ€™d suggest checking your graphics card or maybe lowering the screen resolution for the game via the main menu.

    20. The Twins says:

      I know this has nothing to do with the game but…

      How much do you pay monthly to WordPress. I happen to be looking for a site to set up on and am looking at either Blogger or WordPress.

    21. Downdate says:

      I have created a Wikipedia entry for this beautiful game ( You may wish to correct elements of it.

    22. Jon Buresh says:

      @Downdate: Thanks! Could you change where it mentions much of our code coming from Yo Frankie? We actually don’t use much Yo Frankie code at all.

    23. Downdate says:

      @Jon Buresh: Will do!

    24. Downdate says:

      @Jon Buresh: Done. You may want to check it though.

      If I can’t get it exactly you might be able to write a quick explanation here.

      You to can edit Wikipedia.

    25. Renaud says:


      I want to say thanks to everybody that worked on this demo. The blend files are crystal clear, i can understand everything of the game setup easily. The way everything is linked, intro movies, scene loading, and python scripting is very inspirational.

      And with this game, the Blender Game Engine shows its amazing functionalities. In a near future the bge will beat commercial game engines ! lol.

      Thanks again for sharing these technics with the community.

    26. Wow, nice stuff. And why the movie file is so big?

      Who cares?

    27. Shader says:

      I couldn’t even imagine that my animations will be used (strikes and run). I’ve created them for learning purposes in last year and now I see that this game have a great potential. I work in game dev industry for now and I will find some time to improve this project :)
      P.S. I can’t remember my old login or e-mail under which I made these things – Saboteur maybe.

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