It has been a long wait, but the first version of the Alpha is finally available to download!
Download – Alpha 0.1
Keep in mind this is an incomplete version of the game. Most of the game is still unfinished. It contains 3 mini levels. The game’s source is also included, released under the CCBY license. All code in the game will be released as GPL.

Only Windows executable files are included – but there is an issue loading the docks level through the exe. To play it, it is best to open sintel_win.blend in Blender (latest version) and run the game there. Runtimes for Linux & OSX can be built from the source. As development on the game contiunes, the Alpha will be updated here on the blog periodically. All updates (including Beta and Final) will be made available for free.

You WILL need a decent computer with GLSL to run the game at a smooth frame rate. Running the game on a smaller resolution may help increase frame rate. Lastly, make sure you READ THE MANUAL FIRST.

UPDATE: If somebody wants to build some Linux or Mac OSX (or any OS really) runtimes, I will gladly host them on the server and add it to the downloads page for people to grab.

18 Responses to “Alpha 0.1”
  1. The Twins says:



    From the screenshots I’ve seen in the past few (er) years it looks REALLY good. I can’t run the thing with out GLSL but I’m trying. My brother and I can’t wait to play.

    I know it’s just an alpha but again… CONGRATULATIONS! And THANK YOU!

  2. CCA.AS says:

    Good job.

    See next.

  3. The Twins says:

    Would 2.49b run the alpha. Only I happen to have a computer running Linux.

    Would you be able to add support for non GLSL cards for a later update.

  4. Jon Buresh says:

    2.49b won’t be able to run the Alpha. Blender 2.6 has added many features and the API has changed a lot since 2.49. As of right now, there are no plans to add non GLSL support, but that may change if there is enough demand.

  5. The Twins says:


    Do you use save game as runtime feature?

  6. Jon Buresh says:

    I do. The Windows executables/runtimes (sintel_the_game.exe + sintel_win) are in the sintel_win folder. sintel_the_game.exe sets the screen resolution of sintel_win based on the user settings.

    I’f somebody wants to build some Linux or Mac OSX (or any OS really) runtimes, I will gladly host them on the server and add it to the downloads page for people to grab.

  7. The Twins says:

    I have a feeling that I’m in the dark on Runtime licensing. From what I could get from Wikibooks the Save Game As Runtime feature requires you to put the output (Runtime) under GNU GPL. However you probably know more than I do.

    Are add-ons easy to make and be excepted by the game like in Yo Frankie? It would be fun for the gaming community get add-ons from the web like SuperTuxKart and the TuxFamily add-on site (and for Blender users to make and upload them).

    And to the majority of the Sintel The Game team that are in the US… Happy Independence Day!

  8. Very nice! Professionally produced, lots of potential. Camera gets stuck in the dock level after the crane moves, and I can’t solve the puzzle in the cave, heh

  9. David J says:

    Yeah the puzzle in the cave is rather tricky, i can confirm it works in the alpha though so stick with it.
    In further releases there will be some additional camera options to make things clearer, hints ,and also a surround to help you tell which row of symbols you need to be aligning.
    There are actually quite a few extras that we were forced to omit from this release that should enhance the game play experience quite dramatically once implemented.

    (p.s. Just between you and me if you look at the uppermost emblem on the ring that does not move and start matching it to what you see in the center of the puzzle that might just lead you to the right combination)

  10. Omar says:

    Running the game in ubuntu gives me the few animations and then it is stuck at the menu, where i’m not able to select anything. Does anyone have a solution?

  11. Omar says:

    Ok, now i found one culprit: the menu script tries to load the file ‘menu.XML’ while the file is actually ‘menu.xml’. Renamed it and now it works. Maybe stick with lowercase??

  12. Jon Buresh says:

    Omar: Thanks for the tip. Will be fixed in the next version.

  13. The Twins says:

    I remember level Nut from Yo Frankie ended in “//Mine.blend”. Typically it didn’t work. When investigating the game I found no such level existed.

    So try NOT to make mistakes like that.

    Again: will Sintel (The Game) have add-on support? It would be nice to be able to upload/download add-ons for the game.

    As for the sudden need for the Email field… I DON’T HAVE EMAIL! Now I have to fake it.

  14. Jon Buresh says:

    The Twins: The game already has some add-on support. Any .blend file you put in the levels folder will appear in the menu when you hit new game. (I think it has to have ‘_level’ in the title) This means anyone can make their own level and play it in the game. I plan on creating a tutorial on how to create your own level, and get it running in game.

    As for the comment situation, I’ve been messing around with different wordpress settings – but you should really have an email address. Gmail is very nice + free.

  15. The Twins says:

    We should I know. Maybe you could see if you could set “none”?

    I don’t have e-mail (or websites for that matter) for one annoying reason: I’m not allowed to. We are 11 years old (both of us. That’s why we’re The Twins) and living in Canada (7 hours behind your blog incidentally).

    And thank you. I can’t wait to make levels (more fun than playing games)!

  16. The Twins says:

    Thanks for setting it back.

    BH, HB

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