Hey guys! For those of you still with us, this post will be a large, in-depth update on whats gone on since the last post (which was waaaaaaay to long ago). I will also talk about what is coming up soon!

The new RIG!

We have a nice new rig with fancy IK. This makes it a lot easier to animate. There is one small issue when giving a character a new rig: we also had to re-do all of the animations. Luckily with our post about helping to animate, we were able to get a few good animations working on the new rig, but there are a lot of animations left to do. IF YOU ARE AN ANIMATOR WHO IS WILLING TO HELP WITH EVEN ONE ANIMATION, EMAIL ME jon@sintelgame.org


Now, this was a crazy idea. I re-did all the programming attached to Sintel. Looking back however I think it was necessary. The old code was clunky slow and lacked a few features that I think the game needed. It didn’t even use Blender’s state system. If you know what that is, then you should know that it would be weird not to use it.

New code is nice, fancy (I will be using those terms a lot in this post) and has some new features such as floor tracking that make the game play MUCH smoother. Using Blender states, I was able to construct the same code system without tons of logic bricks. It looks a lot less confusing now. I’ve also been working on the targeting system (part of it is pictured above) which was terrible before but actually works pretty well now.

the MENU!

Another crazy idea. I re-did the entire main menu and the entire game structure. This wasn’t as much work as it seems. The old menu was (very) poorly programmed (by me). BUT FEAR NOT. I’m actually quite proud of this menu. It’s very efficient with code and assets. It also handles keyboard inputs (and theoretically joystick inputs) a lot better than before. The options screen is slimmed down to be less confusing. All those options you see in the menu currently work. You can even change the game’s resolution in real time!

Overall, the menu is easier to navigate and has some transitions and animations that make it look rather nice. I also added the ability to gather a list of .blend files that are located in the levels folder. This way any levels you guys make will show up in the menu where you can play them. I really want user created levels to be a part of the game so adding this feature was crucial. ALSO! You can watch the film Sintel directly from the extras menu.


I finally got those little critters in the game. They are hostile little buggers that will randomly move around and avoid obstacles. Upon sight of human, they swarm to attack. They don’t move too fast so it is easy to outrun them – but it can get nasty if they surround you!

My plan is to release an Alpha version of the game for everyone to download for free and start playing around so we can get some feedback on some of the features of the game. Right now, I am predicting that this will be ready in a month. Keep in mind this is subject to change, but also realize I am trying my best to get this out to the public. I want you guys to play this game as soon as possible, but I don’t want to release a game that I’m not proud of.

28 Responses to “What I’ve Been Working On & What To Expect”
  1. Jordan says:

    I am excited. Keep up the good work.

  2. D says:

    Can’t wait, dude. ­čśÇ

  3. M says:

    Really looking forward to it. Wish I could help but don’t have the talent to contribute. Will send encouragement though – it really looks great! Keep up the great work.

  4. Blender user says:

    Please make some online examples with Burster, e.g. Sintel running :)

  5. Jon Buresh says:

    Good idea, maybe I’ll try it out

  6. Grzesiek says:

    So good you are alive!
    Snail animation looks like they are sliding on ice. And maybe it’s good idea to change their name. I find it weird that in most RPGs at the beginning you fight bugs, rats and snails…

  7. Dennis says:

    Nice to see that this project is still going!

    I’m really curious about how it will turn out with the AI, and of course with the fun-factor. But mostly the AI, cause you doesn’t often see a lots of good onces made in Blender. But the way, will you have real-time animated cutscenes in it?

    Best luck, Dennis.

  8. qubodup says:


    glad to see this is still active! :)

    Is the code available anywhere? Is there a chance that you will use a software license for the code, rather than ccby?


  9. Jon Buresh says:

    @ Dennis: I’ll try my best. Luckily, I’ve had some chances to create some AI in Blender. For AI in Sintel, I’ve been drawing from the modular AI system Yo Frankie used. With the addition of states and navigation meshes, I think Blender will be able to handle some decent AI.

    @ qubodup: The code is currently unavailable, however with the scheduled release of the first Alpha at the end of the month, you’ll be able to see the code there. Most of the game’s code will be in the Alpha, aside from unfinished parts of it or prototype code. Licensing is still up in the air but for now, the plan is to release the game (and the Alpha) as CCBY.

  10. The Twins says:

    No states? Um… er…
    For those who don’t know states are like layers in Blender. You can turn them on and off. Delay sensors on other states will start counting as soon as the state is activated. In Blender 2.49b there are twenty states.
    For the Sentil: The Game team. You need states if you’re doing cliff hanging, fighting, temporary helplesness, etc.. Even the highscore system I designed with only Logic needed 11 states.
    I would suggest different download versions: Lowpolly, medium and high polly. This will make it easier to download, store, play, etc.. The only thing it will make harder doing it.

  11. The Twins says:

    What license is that dock and dock with drums music under. If it’s a free one (Creative Commons or GNU GPL) could you supply a .wav version. I can’t find any decent music on the web. Mostly I just use Yofrankie stuff or music I make on Musescore. The stuff I make is kind of cheap and compared to Paul’s stuff it’s like the Mario Bros. death music.

  12. Jon Buresh says:

    @ The Twins: We do use states. That was partially the reason for me re-writing all the player code. We use states in almost every system now.

    The dock music will be released with the Alpha. It will be released as CCBY so if you plan on using it, you must give credit to the author of the music. In this case, that would be Philippe Rey.

  13. The Twins says:

    Really?! Sweet!!

    Speaking of sound… the voice in the tutorial sounds a bit forceful and mean. It also sounds a bit too much like the voice in some Skittles ads.
    Just sayin’.

  14. Jon Buresh says:

    @The Twins: The voice will make sense once you meet the character instructing you in the game. But for now, the tutorial is not ready to be in the Alpha. I want to make the tutorial blend better with the story. In order to do this, I would need to re-structure it. Expect the tutorial to be in one of the many Alpha updates to come.

  15. The Twins says:

    When watching the tutorial I found the mouse controls odd. See if you could make it all keyboard.
    Also try using a key grab structure. It would make it easier to play. I remember Yofrankie had one.
    And add a bit of text that sayeth if you are in normal mode, running mode or fighting mode.

  16. The Twins says:

    Happy Canada Day!

  17. Jon Buresh says:

    I’ve refined the controls since then. You now simply hold shift to run. No more ‘running mode’. I use the mouse because it allows the player to make smooth and precise movements. You’ll see when you play.

    For a class project, I did a study on Yo Frankie and why it was a bad game. One of the biggest issues with the game were the controls. It was really frustrating to really get anything done. I think they made the right choice in allowing custom controls, but the default controls were terrible. I plan on using their system for custom controls in Sintel, but that is for a later update.

  18. The Twins says:

    The controls for player one were alright but in multiplayer mode you are likely to hit your physical opponent… physically. Key grab scripts are under the GNU GPL.

    Just wondering: who’s Canadian?

  19. The Twins says:

    Does Sintel (The Game) need GLSL to actually run. If so try to make it so it will run regardless. Some people even think GLSL is ancient.

  20. The Twins says:

    If I get my hands on the game I’ll take it to shreds and make a new version like we’re doing with the afore mentioned Apricot. Everyone wants it to go a different way and we (The Twins) are no exception.

  21. Jon Buresh says:

    The game does require GLSL to run. Making the game work without GLSL would require months of work. If you do not have a modern graphics card that does not support GLSL, I honestly doubt the game will run. Every modern graphics card has GLSL support. It is not ancient.

  22. The Twins says:

    Fare enough.

    I’ll see about getting those NVIDIA cards going in this computer… at the sacrifice of Wings. However other people might not be so lucky.

    Maybe you could do it for a later update..?

  23. Jon Buresh says:

    I’ll do my best.

  24. The Twins says:


  25. Hans says:

    Super Game
    Ist unheimlich informativ.
    Kann man viel von lernen habe es gleich mal getestet!

  26. jhon says:

    Ich mag das Spiel sehr informativ

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