Over the past few weeks I’ve been going through the levels that are going to be included in the demo and bringing them to a more pleasing level of quality. First on the list was the Docks level. I started by adding more details to the level such as planks of wood, pathways and construction materials. I played with the lighting some more and decided in order to get the look I wanted, I would need a new skybox. Here is a picture of the old docks level, and then a picture of the new level. (Click to enlarge the images)

Old docks

New docks

Next on my list was the Troll Cave level. This hasn’t had much attention since it was first made, so a lot of work was needed. It took some time, but I eventually got it to look pretty decent if I do say so myself. I added some light crystals (like from the cave in the movie) to add more detail and depth to the environment. I ended up re-texturing almost everything in the scene which made the level blend together a little bit better. I also added some mist, which helps make the level seem larger. Here are the screenshots, old and new.

Old cave

new cave

Finally, we have the tutorial level. In the pre-demos the tutorial level is a plain all white scene. This was done because we simply had not completed the real tutorial level. The actual tutorial takes place in a garden in the town of Garway. Now that I had the time, I went ahead and started creating the garden. As of right now the main portion of the scene is complete, but there are still some final touches I want to add.

Old tutorial

new tutorial

6 Responses to “Level Updates”
  1. steven says:

    fabulous work

  2. Skijarama says:

    Looking good. im really looking forward to the next demo.

  3. ZeoUnit says:

    The current work looks really great, keep up the good work. ^^

    PS: If possible try to implement online component in the game – mmorpg. (I know it’s to much to ask but hey i can dream right? XD)

  4. Azer says:

    WOW that screenshots are awesome!!!!!!

    Hm.. a Sintel game with single player story component and aditional on-line part… well ZeoUnit your idea doesn’t sound that bad it would be cool to play and explore the Sintel lands.

    The main problem would probably be to make the big world of Sintel for online gaming not to mention additional time the developers would need to spend to implement that component in to the game.

    The time could be shorten if the community would help to make different regions but that is only if devs was even considering that part of a game…. at least as you mention in your post we can dream about it…. hmm.. Realm of Sintel sound nice… :)

  5. Look at growth, have a look at the length of time people spend on the Net and look at all of the stuff that they are doing. Means that excellent, so I am actually encouraged with the fundamentals that underlie usage growth online.
    Whenever you get to the side of most, it’s pause to reflect.

  6. The Twins says:

    Is this not free software?!

    Is it open source?!

    If either of these are true ANYONE could work on Networking. Some could work on the web component, others can work on the connections. The majority would of course want to make levels. What about three or four big levels and all the other small ones and a few new ones. It would also be nice if you could make add on download and upload possible like SuperTuxKart and the Tuxfamily site.


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